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When I started my Warmoth project my intention was to have everything the best I can for this guitar. I ordered a custom made strap from a lady in Australia. She finished it last night and sent it out this morning. Anyway, here it is, hope you guys like it, it's the only one like it in the world.
the diamonds are cobra


Her web site can be found at:
whoa.  you mean business with that strap.  i think that strap would look best on MY guitar. haha.  i saw the prices start at AUS$280, which no matter the exchange range puts it out of my price range.  280 pesos would work.    No doubt it will add sustain and tone to your guit.  :)  enjoy!
That is one very serious strap!  Never hand the urge myself mind you.  Just too utilitarian I guess.
Cool Strap.

I was looking through the gallery on her website, and spotted a strat I thought I recognised.  It would appear that our very own Superbeast has got one of her straps too.
2nd from bottom on page one of the 'customer comments' page.

Looks like she does some great work.
Thanks for the comments, guys. Yeah, it was pricey, $350 Aus.but you guys gotta remember that I'm in Japan and the Yen is kicking all kinds of tail right now. Especially against the Aussie dollar. It worked out to about 200 US. I know that's steep for a damn strap, I have straps that didn't cost a tenth of this one that work just fine, but with this one guitar I want only the best to go with it. My next venture is looking for a really good road case. I have my eye on one now but not sure if I want to make that leap at this moment.
My EVH wah pedal should be here this week too