Custom Cat Mustang


I just got my Tru-Oil finished Warmoth short scale neck on my Squier Bullet Mustang Body. (I signed up just to post this, lol)
I like the body because its thin but big enough for full size pots. And its a very light basswood. Not the most durable, but comfortable to play. And it was cheap so I don't care if it gets dinged up.
It has a duplicolor finish with a nitro laquer clear coat. Wilkinson toploading bridge. Hipshot locking tuners. Tonerider humbucker sized p90s. Fender Infinity strap locks. 500k linear volume and tone pots with the .022uf orange drop cap. Three way Switchcraft switch. The entire build is 6 lbs 6 ounces. It's simple yet has a pretty crazy wide range of tones.

The whole asthetic was designed around my cat Vega. She is a small but spunky dilute calico who is usually a little bit rockabilly, but can crank it up when she wants to. Vega is a total rehab project herself. She was 3 lbs when I rescued her from the NYC shelter - skin and bones. Now she is 9lbs and loves to rock and roll. That's why her guitar was a rehabbed Squier Bullet Mustang (the cheapest guitar you can buy at big box store.)

I call it the Vegatone.

I'm working on a build now with a Warmoth 7/8 Tele neck. Its a Les Paul shape with Tele single coil pickups and control plate and a 24/75" scale tele style neck. It's going to my Tabbycaster named for my tabby cat Goose. Cerused catalpa stripes! Chrome hardwear with a high gloss poly top coat and mirror finish. Goose was also a shelter cat, but he was found in a box outside a police station. His leg was shattered. One eye needed to be repaired (detatched retina) so he could see. The other eye won't ever work again. It took 3 surgeries to get him right - but he's amazing now. That's why his tabbycaster is going to look like its made out of spare parts. lol

Are you putting a Gibson conversion neck or a 7/8 neck, I don't think I read that right.
Very cool. Excited to see the 7/8 LesTele! Are you making the body yourself?
No I didn't I got it from Woodtech! They use catalpa for bodies and it looks so stunning. Like a lighter swamp ash with wider grains. Perfect for a tabbycaster! I got the neck on order though, I am gonna finish the whole build in tru-oil. I don't have a great workshop besides my living room because I live in New York City. So I try to do the easiest finishes I can. haha
I like my Gibson conversion necks. I also like the fender scale. It's fun to change necks when I change strings, get to feel which neck works best for each body. I am too short to get a baritone neck.