Crate Vintage Club series (palomino)


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I've been checking around on the internet about these Crate combo amps. Their solid state stuff is shitty, but I've always read decent reviews about the tube stuff. The thing that peaked my curiousity was seeing a picture of ZZ Top playing the combos live. They were playing the vintage club amps, but I've been looking at the Palomino combos.

Does anyone here have any have any experience with these?


I own the self-same amp from your pic.  As far as I'm concerned, it's the end-all of guitar amps.  And, at $400; a steal - compared to $1500 and $2000+ stacks I was looking at when I found these jewels.  The guy at guitar center (?) told me that during their last play-off deal, more players chose these than any other amp.  Whether that's true or not, it's believable.  I don't want to come across like I'm trying to sell it - because I wouldn't sell mine.  I was really surprised to find full tube class A in this price range - then the sound really sold me.  You might think that that's because I play a certain style and this amp lends itself to that particular style?  Well,  that's just not the case.  By switching pups and messing with the gain or tone on the amp,  I get a range from clean to overdriven with muscle to thick, chirpy distortion (not really the "brown sound" - but a great heavy distortion sound.  It's really been a lesson to me as well in the response of the amp to the more subtle playing techniques one can use.  Yeah, anyway, you might want to try one out for a while - the V16 you're showing us would really be a good one to check out.  If you do like them, decide for yourself if you'd want more power, but that one's got plenty.  I wouldn't recommend the little one - it doesn't have a separate gain control.
OR, if the guitar building obsession doesn't already completely occupy all your free time and wallet, you can get schematics for most classic amps at sites like: and then visit the plethora of sites with mods/tweaks and go bullshit on that, too....
Yeah, in the old forum - I had asked about Torres engineering and their kits.  Seems to be some mixed feelings about that.  Doesn't seem like anything should stop a guy from building his own setup though.  It would make a decent match to your custom guitar to make your amp/speaker cabinets from exotic woods too.
i worked at a music store where we sold these.  the rep came in with them  when they first came out . i was fully prepaired to show him how sh*~y these amps were and i was totaly shocked buy them i bought a vc 30 vc 50 and the head cab. had the combos awhile and the head cab about 2 years. they are ex. for blues and classic rock and with a little stomp box help they can get pretty nasty. but they do show you just how much you need to practice. they wont hide any mistakes. real class a tube tone. try one out they are pretty cool for the price
Edguy play hughes and kettner switchblade heads. thisamp is DEFINITELY on my wish list for when i get back from my first europe trip. after he switchblade will be my first warmoth project  :toothy10:
I am looking for a new practice amp and have now heard so much good things about this amp!
I just can't decide between this one and the tech21 trademark 30. I know it's not a tube amp, but apparently it has great tone. It appears to be suitable for (small) gigs and recording too..
has anybody tried both?