confused on black korina ?!??!?


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i recently wrote an email to warmoth detailing my project idea, and they replied saying that they couldnt specify on black korina grain. i am planning a hollow tele, black korina/black korina. i would imagine, being a lam top, that i could request the lam top be highly figured/streaked. and i swear that people here have requested highly streaked bits of korina (willyk, did you do that for ur jazztele?). should i just pull the trigger, place the order, and specify that i want highly streaked korina. I'm willing to pay for it if required. But as it's going to be oil finish, i don't wanna end up with some plain-ass bit of wood. I'm sure you guys get me. should i just do it?
I got the same answer, but I´d´like to think that money would get you a nice piece though.
Man, I would say to you get a picture in the gallery, here or the web, of what you're looking for and send then... as B.K. can have many differents colors, could be a nice striking that you don't like  :icon_biggrin:
My korina Tele/Jazz body was ordered a couple of years ago so things might have changed.
  At that time it was possible to request the order to be noted 'highly figured'. There was an upcharge to cover the extra time involved in processing the request. There was also an upcharge for the specific routing (non CNC) necessary for this particular hybrid concept. I can't recall the figures but remember they were very reasonable in view of the results.
  As I understand it, Warmoth will try and fulfill such requests when they are able, i.e. depending on workload and availability of suitable blanks. In other words if they are flat out busy and only have plain stuff in stock they don't want to disappoint people by promising something they can't supply.
Here's what I would do..
  Find a body on the showcase that has a top that you like. Include a picture of it in an email and ask  a) if they could supply something similar and  b) how much extra this special service costs.
I'm not saying this will miraculously make things happen but at least both sides would know what you're shooting for.
  How soon are you going to order the body? This can make a big difference when they deal with your question. What's do-able now might not happen down the road a piece.
I hope this helps, I'm playing at Belmore Basin in the 'gong on Australia day, might see ya there?  cheers  Willy
No reason why they can't find you a nice piece for a lam top. I know y'all have seen mine, but here it is again. Hollow thinline with a black korina lam top. Can't see it too good in the pic, but there is a reasonable amount of flame in it.

Bill in SC
Can't specify "figured" Black Korina. Lots of experience with it has taught us some grand lessons. Like, the piece you start out with stands a very good chance of looking completey different from what you end up with when you're done carving, cutting and sanding. Net result; Ken's proclaimation that no orders can be taken specifying figure preferences for Black Korina. If you're fussy about your Black Korina stripes, the Showcase is your friend.
all i want is someting with contrasting streaking. i'm not worried about the position of the streaks etc, im not heaps picky about it. would just like it streaked with dark bits. like willyk's. but i will look up some pics on the showcase and include them in my order.

willyk, if i am here on australia day, i usually head up to the gong way, but i could be sneaking into big day out in sydney  :tard: i will let you know if i can make it  :laughing7:
cheers for the responses guys, will be sending order today or tomorrow  :headbang1: