F-hole Jazzmaster canary neck


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Hello There,

I'm one of those guys who's been lurking around here, checking all the cool stuff being made and planning builds for years. Every time I was on the verge of ordering, I ended up running into an absolute steal of a second hand guitar to cure my GAS. But no more! 8 weeks ago I decided to pull the trigger on a custom body and neck after overthinking every design choice for weeks. And voila! here's the result.  :hello2:

The specs are as follows:

Alder body
Chambered with F hole
non-unique choice black korina top
Contoured neck heel
Tune-o-matic route with angled neck pocket

Vintage-modern construction
Canary shaft
Pau ferro fretboard (unique choice)
22 frets
6150 SS frets
Graphtec nut
Schaller tuner holes

I must say warmoth did an amazing job of selecting the top for this body. I had nightmares of nasty orange streaks (sorry to the people who love those) or bodies with little to no figuring. But this turned out pretty much like I hoped it would be. The body is incredibly light, thanks to the wood choice and the chambers. It will probably be a bit neck heavy thanks to this. But then again I prefer alder as a tone wood so in hindsight I would probably have made the same choice. The other potential problem with this body is the fact the laminate around the f hole is really thin. I'm afraid that at some point my clothes may grab onto the pointy bits an break of a piece, but time will tell.

As for the neck, it is quite gorgeous in its own right. The colour turned out to be a bit more orange than I had hoped, which does not necessarily go well with the body. The fretwork looks good, though I will probably roll of the edges and round off the corners on the frets a bit. The neck has quite a bit of relief, more than I'm used to seeing on allparts necks when they are transported, but a bit of adjustment should cure this.

I'm probably going to finish both the body and neck with danish oil, although turquoise on the body also looks good.  :icon_scratch:

Also did a quick mockup using the halo guitars customizer (blasphemy I know  :laughing7:). Some of the hardware in the second to last picture are placeholders and I will probably age all of it. Can't wait to start this one! Let alone play it  :headbang:


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Something went wrong with uploading the pictures. Here are the mockups. Any thoughts?


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Haven’t ever seen a dyed korina body before. I think that looks pretty cool, personally.


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The top is beautiful as it is.  Have you thought about clear on the top and turquoise on the back?


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rick2 said:
The top is beautiful as it is.  Have you thought about clear on the top and turquoise on the back?

This is an option, though I'm somewhat afraid that having 3 distinctive colours may mismatch somewhat. I think I'm just going to oil her up tomorrow. The pores are relatively small, so I'm going to skip the grain filler. I've Just finished an oak table with danish oil and it is looking good! Should work well on the korina too.


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Very nice.  Gotta say, Black Korina just might be my fav' wood for a natural finish.  Great looking setup!