Check out my Warmoth!


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Check out my 'moth in action!  I built this a couple months ago.  Alder strat body, GFS Fat PAF humbucker bridge position, single volume knob, Wilkinson Trem, Maple/Kingwood neck.  All parts from Warmoth except the pickup and nut (graphtec).  I am playing through a VOX AC50 amp.  We were trying the singer out at this session, so take it with a grain of salt.

- Mike

If you use the You Tube icon in your reply box, the video shows up like this.  :)
I've used these a million times before - I try clicking on the screen and the play button, and nothing!  Maybe the forum doesn't like Firefox or something.
I show it working with two clicks (one to activate the player, one to play) in Frirefox 2.0, IE7, and Opera on my XP machine here....

Browse to to get your platform details and paste the results in a PM - I'll get this sorted out!
You need to kick the camera mans ass, doesn't he know your suppose to watch the guitar during the solo's????   :blob7: :blob7: :blob7:

Nice sounding guitar though, bummer the best player in the band is getting the least coverage!!! hahhahahahaha..........the drummers Good as well, looks like alot of fun, the dean sounds like crap compared to the Warmoth.......go figure!!!! hahahaahahah
Cool Vid,   :headbang: