CBS Stealth Strat Update #2


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We're nearing the end, got the neck today and did assembly on it, all that's left is to string it, test it, set it up, then we're rocking...



Last update with the body complete...





The headstock decal is of course aftermarket, always liked the big CBS era headstock and logo and wanted something that at a glance looked the part but wasn't Fender and this just so happens to be exactly what it is anyway so it's a perfect fit...

Looking at:


Vintage Tint Gloss
10-16 Radius
Full Scallops
Tall and Narrow SS Frets
Tusq Nut
Hipshot Locking staggered tuners

Body Specs:

Body: Poplar (Squire Classic Vibe 70's HSH Rout Body)

Bridge: Wilkinson 5+1 Black Vintage Style Trem with Steel Block
Saddles: Graph Tech String Saver Saddles
Springs: Floyd Rose Noiseless Springs
Trem Claw and Screws: Floyd Rose Brass Trem Claw and Screws

Electronics: 6 Way Push/Pull Split HH from Obsidian Wire
Neck: Seymour Duncan Cool Rails for Strat (Top Coil Active on Split)
Bridge: Seymour Duncan Black Winter (Bottom Coil Active on Split)
Pickguard: Warmoth 1 Ply Black with Neck Single, No mid, Uncovered Humbucker Bridge, Blade, 1 Vol, 2 Tones, Vintage Bridge Cut
Knobs: Tesi Strat Knob Set 'None More Black'

Straplocks: Hennessy Strap Locks Black

Getting real close now...

EDIT: We're there!
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It shall be named "Captain Howdy"  :toothy12: BTW-I mean that as a compliment. I dig it.
The decal was great, it fitted the guitar.
Yes it was, and I have a second one, but either I prepped the headstock wrong, or the adhesive is bad and it didn't want to stick after drying, so I'm keeping the second one around and thinking about having a custom sticker made like the plasti-sticker warmoth with turtle decal stickers because I tested one of those out and it stuck just fine...
How do you like the black winter?
So I know they advertise it as clear under low tunings, so with that in mind I got it for clarity and figured it would be high output, so bright and crystal clear in E standard or Half Step Down tunings...

I've had some humbuckers even in E Standard just be mud with distortion regardless and was tired of that sound.

It's 100% what I was looking for, it's bright and so crisp, but it's not so bright that it's like a highly over driven single that's turned to overly digitized fuzz (If you get what I'm saying) and I say it like that because the electronics with the obsidian wire custom 6 way HH, it's split coils, so I get both HH and SS, and even under a split it's still crisp and clear with a sharp bite...

If you want a musical reference that I would say the pickup and guitar combination sound like I would say it sounds like whatever setup Warren DeMartini used for Nobody Rides for Free and Lay It Down, like it's high output and crisp while being clear too...

And I know you didn't ask, but with the bridge being so high, crisp, and clear... The cool rails in the neck is the perfect company to it for those rich and creamy neck sounds, so the guitar as a whole is extremely versatile sonically...