Can you tint a neck that has already been oiled?


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Hello, I have a maple neck that has a few coats of oil applied, and Im thinking of getting some trans tint to darken it up a bit. Is this still doable over top of an oil finish? Would you just mix the dye with some alcohol and apply normally?

Appreciate the help.


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If you could've put the transtint into the original oil you applied, and you are using the same oil, then no problem with tinting the oil finish and applying.

Now that you've put down a barrier of oil that has presumably hardened, putting dye on top might not work.  I would never have tried dying something after applying the finish.  It does not compute based on the information provided.


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You could use something like this:

A tinted spray lacquer would sit on top of the oil finish. Also, it would protect the neck a little bit more. I can also understand a pure oil finish. My build is using pure tung oil, and I love the way it is turning out so far.