Body Blank Part Deux


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Ok, I've been working on a mostly non-warmoth build for the past few months and it's almost done.  The inspiration and cornerstone for this was a slab of Warmoth Mahogany.  I shaved-off about 1/4" and added a thin laminate of White Oak and a Walnut top I bought from  Cut it out with my Jazz bass template, did all the routing, contouring and shaping.  Sent that puppy off to Pat Wilkins for some of that super-nice clear coat.  Slapped an Allparts bound Jazz neck on it with a logo I made that says "Flounder" in the Fender script, a set of EMGs (35TW in the neck, 35CS, bridge), and a 3-band EMG preamp, Hipshot vintage bridge and tuners.  And here's what she looks like now:





This bass sounds delicious.  Still have some work on the playability side.  I think I'm going to have to re-do the nut, maybe.

This is the first piece of wood to escape my new shop alive and I'm purty proud.  Sorry it's not a full Warmoth, fellas, but I thought you'd appreciate it.  And it does have Warmoth blood in it, after all.

Also: Special thanks to SkuttleFunk for his input on this project!!
Funky look on the forearm contour there, it's unique-- a peek at the core! I like it.
Beautiful bass!

Im working on a rear routed walnut p bass right now. If it looks anywhere near that good I will be very pleased.

How do you like that allparts neck? If you dont mind, how does the cost compare to getting a W neck with similar binding and inlay? That neck looks sweet!

Hi iamtak and thanks for the compliment.

I can't really say how I like the allparts neck.  It is exceptionally well made, on par with Warmoth probably, but I don't know as I've never had a Warmoth bound neck.  I do have another Warmoth neck that is exceptionally high quality, but it is an unlined fretless, so I can't compare fretwork.  Also I've never played the Warmoth neck, so I can't compare that, either.  I'm just not doing well on the answers, am I?

One thing I know I don't like about the Allparts neck is that it has a gloss finish on it.  Also, it doesn't have any reinforcement like a Warmoth superbass neck that I am aware of.

So add a few nitpicks to the fact that you have lots of great customization options on the Warmoth and I'd be going Warmoth next time.  WYSIWYG with Allparts...