Black scratchplate


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I quite like black scratchplates on strats, which do you think would be nice body colours for a black guard.

I like Oregon Beige, Spectra Blue and Butterscotch. Any others you guys like (apart from natural...that would remind me too much of my first crappy guitar... :tard:)

Well, first off, not a fan of black guards on Strats. Always looks mid-seventies to me. White, black, or grafitti yellow would be the only colors I can think of that would look good. My best friend wants to do a "stealth" Tele, black finish on the body and neck, single layer black guard, jet-black ebony board with no markers, and black hardware. Yes, he's strange, but we still like him.


I'm of the school that black goes w/ anything.  After all it's.....BLACK>.

Later, Shane :guitaristgif:
Black with a sunburst finish always looks really good in my book.
May "late" 70's Strat is natural hard ash, ambered a bit these days, with black guard, pu covers, knobs and tip.  Thats how it was made back when. 
I'm not a fan to be honest. Black scratchplates are okay on black or butterscotch teles but I don't like them on strats at all. 
Hey Ted!
I usually don't like to much black pickguards in Strats, but look this guitar:

Perhaps it can give you some ideas...
That is an awesome grain pattern on that guitar.
I don't think I could imagine it with anything else but black.