Black korina Strat body


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Just got my new black korina with black korina tran red top body. 
It doesn't look like it from the picture but this body has a great top
It's just another case of someone smoking the good stuff and saying hey lets top route this one. :icon_smile:
It's going to have /recessed floyd rose/Fender SCN Pickups. Now I'm just waiting on the All Rosewood Pro neck, 6130 frets with CBS Peghead. But for now I might just put the old maple Fender strat neck I have on it so I can play with it
When I get it together I'll post some more pictures


The more I look at it I'm thinking that maybe a Goncalo neck with a kingswood or bloodwood fingerboard might look better on it
heres another one I just discovered in the showcase, I think this wood looks awesome, excuse my butcher spelling,,,,,pau fero?    looks similar to kingwood I think.

Unless I hear something bad about Pau Fero, I think that will be on my next neck.     
The trans red Blk Korina looks awesome dude, what color of pick guard is going on it?  Too bad the pick-up cavities are bare, you know what would look good on that body. Cut up a pick guard like eddie Van Halens Frankenstrat, so that the pickup cavities are left exposed, cover only where you have a volume knob. Of course, paint the exposed cavities black or something.

Just an opinion of course, it will look good whatever you do,
that would look good, just paint the cavities (including control cavity) with 2-3 coats of shielding paint. and rosewood will look stunning on that.
I don't think trans red on black korina is something most people would think of, but it looks great!
Pickguard is Parchment/Black/Parchment and the Fender SCN pickups are Parchment and the controls the same. I was trying to go for that aged white look.
The Floyd Rose and tuners are chrome.
I think the pickup cavities were rerouted when they routed the neck pickup from strat to humbucker There is finish on the sides of the cavities . I don't remember them being bare when I saw it in the showcase.
I can't win!!!

Tried using my old Floyd Rose from my Strat (AND I DO MEAN OLD!!!) 21 years old
The sustain block is sticking out the back of the body.
This thing was made before they started recessing them.
I'll take the floyd off and bring it to work and grind some of the bottom off the sustain block
I really love the trans red. The first time I saw it I wanted to do another right away. Nice choice and job on that!

Well the Floyd is out, it's just not going to work., it's rubbing the sides of the route. I'll just have to break down and pickup a newer version of it.
I'll save it for the next build and I will not be recessing it. Now I'm thinking gold hardware will look good on this with the rosewood neck.
Well here it is with gold hardware, Still got a few weeks for the rosewood neck. The new Floyd fits and works. The Fender SCN pickups sound great, they have that old Fender sound without the hum but with more output.