Best neck profile for scalloped? (And all other scalloped fretboard discussion)


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SSIA.  Was thinking standard thin, but then thought that maybe scalloped fretboards call for a slightly beefier profile?  Probably best to keep Fender scale length instead of Gibson conversion?  Thoughts?  Are scalloped necks just a gimmick?  Are super jumbo frets a better option?  Are there horse socks?  Is anyone listening to me?
I find that scalloped necks and 6100 frets dont feel the same.  I actually have a neck that has both that I enjoy. 
And it’s a Gibson scale.  Scale length doesn’t seem to impact me like it may others.  Profile is 59. 

I have Fender scale as well as another Gibson scale (for a 7/8) builds planned.  I’ll outsource the scalloping again as I only want frets 5 and up done.  Both necks will get 6100 frets and 59 profile likely.  1 may go boatneck as I love the boatneck I have.
As far as an advantage to scalloped necks, I find hammer ins and pull offs much more distinct.  I may be a touch faster, but that’s probably a placebo effect.  I do find that the style in how I use vibrato changes.  I wouldn’t say better or worse, just different.
If I do get scalloped, I'll almost surely get 6100s (unless anyone has a reason not to?)

And I want scalloped for vibrato.  Maybe I just have weird technique, but the fingerboard always seems to affect my vibrato.

How much do you pay for the scalloping?  As noted previously, I was thinking of just scalloping out a Fender neck I currently own, but wasn't sure it was a good idea.
This is the place I used. Great work, service and communication.
I went with standard thin and SS 6115 peaked jumbo frets, the standard thin is thinner than my squires neck, but thicker than my ibanez's wizard, it's actually a good in between that is thin, but allows for scalloping unlike the wizard...

As for if they're a gimmick or not it depends on what your reason for getting them is, mine was ergonomics, I have fatty finger pads that the skin will wrap around the string and rub on the fretboard, by using the scallops with jumbo frets I grab onto the string and only the string and it has made my accuracy go up a bit I've noticed because I'm not getting stuck on the board...

Though keep in mind that if you are heavy handed you will pull the strings down doing somewhat of a vertical bend rather than horizontal throwing your strings sharp. I've noticed this a few times but at least in my case I have to be fairly heavy to encounter this issue...

As far as the conversion it shouldn't matter, regardless of if the wood is there or not the frets are going to be in the same spot whether it be a fender or gibson scale...

I've only had mine on my guitar a couple weeks and after over a decade of non scalloped I wont be going back, it just feels right...

As for the price, replacement fender neck is about $400-$450... My LGS said a SS refret was about $500.00, and the scalloping sites I've found are $100+...
So for a Fender neck you're looking at $1,000 if you want scallops and Stainless Steel frets...

I got all that + A vintage gloss tint finishing for $459.00... Keep it standard, pick the options you absolutely have to have and you can have a really good neck for the price of a fender replacement neck...



It's a really comfortable neck and yes, especially with SS frets the vibrato is silky smooth...
If you want a scalloped board go with the same neck profile you would do normally. The scallops make no difference to the neck profile and the depth from the back of the neck to the top of the fret at any given point.

For Warmoth prices for scalloping see the website.
I assume Warmoth would do a full scallop job except the first 3 frets, although it's not an official option?
cromulent said:
I assume Warmoth would do a full scallop job except the first 3 frets, although it's not an official option?

Possibly not as it is not a manual process. But you would need to call or email.
cromulent said:
I assume Warmoth would do a full scallop job except the first 3 frets, although it's not an official option?
I can tell you that at least a while ago when I called them that it is NOT and off menu option.  They either do full or half. Nothing else. 
That’s why I sourced the people I referenced earlier in this thread.