SOLD. Warmoth conversion neck, roasted maple / pao ferro, Wolfgang profile


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Warmoth conversion neck, purchased new in 2021. Excellent / mint condition. $300 OBO PP'd and shipped. The neck is now substantially better than how Warmoth ships them -- fret ends were rounded, fretboard edges slightly rolled, frets polished to mirror finish, and neck was burnished, making it incredibly smooth. Includes Sperzel Trim-Lok 6-inline tuners ($100 new), neck screws, and Warmoth paperwork (invoice, neck owners manual, allen wrench). Purchasing it today would cost $364 + $100 tuners + shipping + time/tools to get it to this condition. The neck plays wonderfully, and it's a joy to play, but I'm still experimenting with new builds and don't need it. Happy to answer any questions.

Full specs:
- Item no. CN52403; Stratocaster shape, Gibson scale length (24.75").
- Roasted maple with pau ferro fretboard.
- 1.650" nut width.
- Wolfgang mild asymmetric profile. Thickness: 0.810" (1F), 0.923" (12F).
- Stainless Steel 6115 frets; 0.108" x 0.051" tall.
- Sperzel (25/64") tuner ream. INCLUDES TUNERS.
- 10" - 16" compound radius.
- Cream face dots inlay.
- White side dots.
- GraphTech White TUSQ XL standard nut.
- Standard 4 bolt. INCLUDES SCREWS.
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