April orders bring September Brown guys to your door!


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FINALLY got my LP's neck today! Pretty sweet I think. 24.75, IR / black ebony, `59, 6130. Getting PW tuners tonight and bolt it up tomorrow.
I really want to thank you for taking the Strat neck off of that thing.  I mean I'm all for doing your own thing, but for the split second that I thought you were going to leave that on there, I almost cried.  Nice neck, Tfarny.
Tonar: wish i could do it - it's a W factory job, "desert burst"
Blue: yeah, that's why I bought it on a total impulse. I couldn't say no. You'd hate me passionately if I told you the net cost after ebaying the original neck, tuners, and pups.
Guitlouie: My pleasure, it wasn't that much fun to play with only one string and no electronics anyhow. Sorry to traumatize you with my projects dude!