Another 7!


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Seems to be something of a trend around here. Back in June, I ordered parts for a 7 string baritone jazz guitar - I got a beautiful bari neck in birdseye maple with an ebony board, and an unfinished carved top body with just the neck pickup routed. This is going to be a joint project with my wife, who has developed a copper finish that she's done on the tables in our living room. I thought it would be cool to do the top in this color, so we're going to finish it together, with a copper top and a natural back, and mostly wood appointments. The "just out of the box" photos are here:
Nice top.

Look forward to that copper finish. It will be transparent I'm assuming?

Also and interesting choice on that style guitar to have only a neck pup. Can't wait for pics!
are you going just for a neck pup???? hope the cooper finish will be transparent because that is a very nice top
Thanks guys. The copper finish will be opaque - When I ordered, I asked Warmoth for the ugliest maple top they had, as the maple was going to be painted opaque, and was only there for tonal purposes. You see what they sent me - Everything else that they had that day must have been AAAAA grade figure.

A few more details: In addition to the copper top, there'll also be an exotic wood jazz box style pickguard - Exact wood to be determined later - The choices are quilted sapele, flame maple, (sorta a goldtop/cream pickguard vibe) ebony, wenge, and ziricote.

I'll post a picture of the finish on the tables at some point, although cameras don't do it justice - There's this nice iridescent effect to it, so that the pattern and color change in a subtle way as you move around the room. Really nice. And, although my wife's original secret copper recipe will remain secret, according to her finish is not too different from what Fender applied to the original copper '54 Teles. Her original inspiration for the finish was the bar at a place in Lake Tahoe we used to hang out in on vacation - The entire bar was done in copper plate. She was trying to duplicate the hammered copper look of the bar.

Yeah; I've got the body/neck for my '54 Goldtop Tele in transit; as I'm going to paint the top with repro Goldtop lacquer I told them just to use a funky/2nd flame laminate piece, but Spike said "they'll just use the next one off the top of the pile...." Hope it's not so nice I have to rethink the planned finish....
Couldn't you just take a photograph of the table, paste it over that beautiful flametop and call it a "photo-descent" finish? It' works going the other way.... :toothy10:
Great idea, stubhead!  :toothy10:  Actually, this weekend I hope to get the final potions together in order to be able to start on scrap wood, as this is my first attempt at a guitar finish. I want to get some practice in before I tackle the real thing. I also need to make a handle for the body.