...ah done a bad bad thang...



In setting out my 'latest' project I was upset by the large wastage factor of my attractive blackwood body blank.

Consumed by my penny pinching ways I rotated the blank 90deg & found I could squeeze two bodies out of it that way.

I drew up the shapes & cut two 'blanks' from the one.

A smarter friend of mine pointed out that I was now in for all sorts of problems with the grain now going 'crossways' & not up & down the length of the body.

We discussed 'stringers' & also whether or not a 1/4" top with the grain running 'up & down' would stabilise it enough.

I want to do both..that is use internal stringers as well as the 1/4" top.

So the question is...what's a good timber out of which to make the stringers?..and any other tips in making & using them?

...er...also....do y'all think it will work.....or should I hoik the whole thing & start afresh?



A pilot and co-pilot from (nameless former Eastern Bloc country famous for sausage*) prepare to land their Russian built airliner at an airfield they've not been to before.

"We're a little too fast, give me 5 degrees flaps and lower the gear", the captain said.  His copilot complied.

As they made their final approach, the captain again gave orders, "Still much too fast, give me 10 degrees flaps and extend the spoilers".  The copilot complied.

The runway was in clear sight... the captain shouted "We're way over speed....FULL flaps, and zero thrust the engines!".  The copilot, again, complied.

As they touched down, still going too fast, the captain, sweating.. took the controls and applied full power to the thrust reversers, and he and the co-pilot literally stood on the brake pedals, bringing the plane to a screaming stop, just as its nose gear fell off the far end of the runways asphalt.

The captain collected himself, and said "Thats got to be the shortest runway in the whole country!"

"And the widest too!" added the copilot.......


I remember that episode of MASH where Trapper gets a custom tailored pinstripe suit.  And the stripes got sideways.....


If you're gonna add a top to it, just route some channels for carbon fibre - StewMac has this.  That can be inlaid into a tight channel, covered with the top and thats that.  Make them blind routes.  Add the 1/4 inch to the top to cover the inserts, and for looks.

When I stop laughing, maybe I can think of something else.


My old and dear friend, Andre Lis, grew up in Narragansett, on the ocean.  Andy was a likable "too smart" sort of fellow.  Not getting into his personal life... lets say he took a job demolishing houses in New Jersey, after WW-II.  I'm guessing the housing was either ex-military housing, or was existing housing to be removed to make way for military use.  That the sort of things Andy was into.  Anyway, he bought a surplus tank.  Got a box blade made and fitted.  And proceeded to drive the tank into the first house... right into it... where the tank was promptly abandoned, and the contract defaulted upon.  Andy claimed that being from Narragansett, he never know that houses had basements.....


*and also for jokes about idiots