after 18 months...NCD!



Last cat put down 18 months ago. Day of my son's 6th birthday party. I couldn't even be with her when it happened because the boy was just hysterical and I had to be with him. Wife has always been "no more cats no way ever" with each one. My boy also loves cats more so than dogs and he's really needing a pet. Quarantine has been brutal on him - he needs something to take his mind off axiety and himself. I destress with cats too in a way that just doesn't happen with a dog. So after 18 months she relented.

Avatar is a close-up. Still debating names. Most animal colors are only loosely associated with the actual color. Red = Brown. Blue = Gray. Green eyes usually aren't. But hers are. I wanted to call her either "Lego" because she feels like a brick when you pick her up, or Jade because of those green eyes. We think she may be Burmese mix. We wanted one but gave up looking for rescues and didn't want to pay for a papered breeders cat. We struck gold with her. Described as a "people cat who loves belly rubs and has a loud purr". Thinks she's a dog. The compact size and muscular density plus behavior - if she's not Burmese she might as well be.
Oh yes. I am too. She claimed him right away as primary human owner. I'm a little jealous but that's what we wanted to happen, so we're thrilled. We were kind of shocked at how immediate the impact was on him.  The last cat was 11 when she adopted us. Really sweet but had some health issues and left us after 5 years. He definitely remembers her, but this one should be the cat his remembers as his childhood pet, and she's only 1-1/2.

Neither my wife or I wanted a kitten. (Well, I wouldn't mind, but I knew it was a lot to ask of her), so getting a very young adult was extra bonus.

Post some pics of the new kitten if you get a chance that seems to be becoming part of your family...

All black except for a white spot on her chest.
The black fur does have its drawbacks. "look dad. She has six (actually eight) milking ports". ROFL.
Saturday we kept her in one room. Sunday we were away so we kept her there. Yesterday we let her explore. She's a cautious creature. She did sit with me on the couch, but at bedtime, who does she curl up with? The cat hating lady. Sigh...I worked at home when I got my first kitten 17 years ago. She was pretty well bonded to me. This one sees me a few hours an evening.
Very cool. We had a female black cat we called Sasha. Those black ones are special. Congratulations!
Congratulations on the new addition to the family, and good on you for adopting a black adult cat.  Black adult cats are the hardest to place for adoption, and they also endure a greater level of abuse from the mouth-breathing public due to superstition and pointless human cruelty.  May your wee beastie bring your family many years of goofy kitty antics and love.
Once upon a time. But vets are saying noww that black cat adoption is way up. Really strong right now. And they are beautiful.
Congratulations! I'm a big cat person myself. My significant other is not, but one may soon materialize out of the ether at our place and it will be ok.  :icon_jokercolor: