A 'seasonal' clip

Nick Ellingworth

Senior Member
Yes that's right I've gone and recorded something 'seasonal' there's a good reason for the inverted commas though before I produced the recording I had been listening to Sunn o))) so this is a seasonal piece of drone metal.  :icon_biggrin:

I recorded it using my Epiphone G400 which I keep tuned to drop A (that's AEADF#B), a Russian Big Muff Pi, a Tubescreamer and my Fender Princeton 65DSP amp not very good equipment but for these purposes sound quality is second to the ability to start major earthquakes. ;)

See if you can guess which piece I butchered.

This is only a 1 minute clip for the full version go to my myspace page.

Well done I guess I should have slowed it down a bit more to make it even harder to recognise. Deadly isn't the word I'd use... deafening is much more appropriate, my right ear still hasn't recovered from the recording session.  :sad1:
I did want it to sound like that, it does sound a lot 'better' if I play clean although that is a rarity with that particular guitar.