7 string mayhem!!


This is my new baby… my new better half. :toothy12:

The neck is Bird’s eye + a pau ferro board, nice glossy finish, ss mega jumbo frets. And the bod is a swamp ash 7CT with 3A flame maple carved top.

Air norton neck and a D sonic bridge, having fun through a 5-way super switch (bridge - outer coils - both - inner coils - neck).

This guitar screams unlike anything I’ve heard. THANKS WARMOTH!!!  :party07:


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Really classy, my friend. Congrats!  :rock-on:

I think I should really get off my ass and order a 7CT - I've been mulling it over for too long now.
That's a nice lookin geetar. I love the body shapes of both the W seven-strings. great looking finish with those inlays on the pau ferro. Wish you could do a different bridge though...
Very nice, I'm not into 7 strings, six is plenty don't see the need. But it looks fabulous....I love the neck too....I like the square inlays at the top of the fretboard..... :icon_thumright:
Very nice instrument, I have never seen a finished CT 7 string before, looks great!
What does the face of the headstock look like?