7 string bridge options


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I'm not exactly what you call steady with a drill.  If I order a 7 string Hipshot bridge, couldn't I send that to Warmoth to be routed/fitted?  The Gotoh flatmount is no longer sold on Warmoth's website.  I was kicking the idea of building my 7 string.  Now my only option is going with a Floyd Rose.  Do I need that headache right now?
I know Warmoth has waiting periods and they are inundated with requests.  But maybe this would open them up to new things.  After discovering companies like FU-Tone and Stew Mac, it would be cool to see other options.


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All of the Warmoth standard and Custom Bridge routs are listed here. If the bridge you have is not on the list I would say at the moment you have no chance of having something done that is not already available.


In the last decade I am only aware of the following change. Gotoh 510 Tremolo became a standard offering rather than being available only as a custom rout.

The only addition made from forum suggestions was Non-Fine Tuner Floyd Rose Tremolo (stud mount only, and requires a Warmoth pickguard with custom bridge cut) and that also involved having to have a number of users who committed to buying a body for that rout. This alone took months even after the project got the green light which took a lot longer.

So back to the 7 string, your best bet if you do not want to drill or use a Floyd is to order the 7 string flat mount and find a bridge that fits that mount and purchase it from a supplier who has them in stock.


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FYI - Gotoh discontinued the hardtail bridge we rout for on the 7-string a few years ago but we only just recently ran out of stock. I recommend ordering the body with either Floyd or no rout for the time being. I don't know that anything else is actually compatible with the Gotoh rout. I'm hoping to get a new 7-string hardtail in place, but there are a lot of factors involved and it will take a while longer.