7 string Aslin dane


7 string Aslin dane
Hello Guys, I have recently purchased a 7 string Aslin dane.This has been converted to a six string and works fantastic for me as I m six feet six with the most enormous hands, But..I have now been informed the Humbuckers require changing as the strings do not sit perfectly over the humbuckers coils?Therfore I am losing sound on the A string etc. I haven't a clue as only started playing the Guitar two years ago as part of my Stroke rehab. I am 62 and not into thrashing etc, Puff the magic dragon is about all I can play. Have you guys any suggestions, , what Humbuckers will work or as suggested, get a new neck form Warmoth.
It doesn't matter at all. The actual coil is the entire with of the pickup. The pole pieces of the magnets don't really matter either, as they make a field around them. In fact, take a look at the pickups from an old Fender P or J bass. The strings aren't directly over the magnets. It doesn't matter.
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