7/8 S-type build


This was on my workbench until yesterday.

Warmoth 7/8 strat style, hardtail, rear rout, chambered, black limba body. I got it DIY Paint Ready and finished it with wipe on semigloss poly. I let it cure then buffed it out with a fine polishing compound.

Neck is wenge. Wizard profile, 24 frets, 9" radius ebony freboard, SS vintage frets, Graphtech nut. I did the unthinkable and put 2 coats of thinned wipe on poly (which is already thinned) to the back of the neck. I know most will scoff at this. Put semigloss on the headstock.

Hardware: Obviously mostly gold.
Hipshot hardtail bridge
Guyker locking tuners – there OK but may change them out for Grovers or Fenders someday
Knobs and string retainers, etc. from Warmoth

SD Red Devil Pickup set
SmokeyBs - 19 Tones! Push/Pull, CTS blend, Orange Drop Cap, Oak Switch 5-way switch wiring harness.
Vintage Forge Pickup Rings – I just thought the wood mount looked unfinished.

Certainly not an inexpensive build but the house is paid for and the kids are through college. Me time!

It sounds great! With the wiring harness I can blend the neck and bridge pickup together much like the middle position on a 2 pickup guitar. I have all the standard strat tones and can coil split the bridge and neck pickups. I wired the middle pickup in parallel so it acts as a single coil but it is still hum cancelling. Talk about quack!

Black limba is a beautiful looking wood, and your new build looks amazing! Did the light coats of poly alter the feel of the wenge neck at all?