1st Build - J Bass


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Hey guys, this is my first post and first build. Today my J Bass body that i ordered finally came, but i am still debating over what neck to pair with it, so I was wanting some suggestions. I was thinking that the pegface would be black, though. The bass is hard ash with a quilt maple top. The back is solid black btw. Here are some pictures:


Great! now that's a quilt you won't find on an 'off the rack' guitar (under 6k)
Om nom nom that is perty. Bubinga neck! ....But do reconsider -- don't paint that headstock!
you just gonna go for metal control plate instead of entire picgaurd? would be a shame to cover all that pretty wood.

Lord that is gorgeous quilt, and I usually don't like quilt. That thing needs wenge / ebony with an ebony veneer face if you need it to be black. MOP dots or even block inlays.
I am thinking that i will put a pickguard on there (very reluctantly) because when i see it with the pickguard on it seems to make the finish look that much cooler when it is complimented by the black pickguard. It just seems to help tie it all in IMO.

I thought the black headstock would be a cool match but its not necessary. I did have my mind set on an ebony fingerboard, but it seems they don't offer ebony veneer for the bass necks  :(. I might just go with a one of the showcase necks that has a ebony fingerboard and MOP dots. (I am steering away from the blocks because it seems like it would clash with the finish on the body)

Any thoughts on a goncalo neck like http://www.warmoth.com:80/Showcase/ShowcaseNeck.aspx?Bass=1&Body=1&Shape=38&Path=Neck%2cJBass&fWood=5&i=BN2123 ?