11 years old... not bad (youtube vid of a kid playin blues)

Right on Junior! Now all he needs is someone to teach him the proper guitar face etiquette!
Just let him watch some Jonny Lang..... His performances are great, but I can't watch that kid (ok "guy" now) play.  His faces are staged, and purposeful, and....they just give me the creeps.

Roy Buchanan had the coolest guitar face.
Damn, that kid looks a lot like me when I was his age. Wish I would have started playing back then like has.
Every now and then the kid looks up and bobs his head around a bit.. awesome. I'm most impressed by his willingness to leave space-- never seen a young kid really do that before.
thats great playing from this kid! My nephew is 11. I and my brother bought him a mini fender strat a two years ago but he cares more about playing video games.

It will be fun watching that kid develop his skills as he gets older.
His myspace already showed what difference 1 year can make.
Yeah, the Ibanez doesn't really seem to fit the bill. I've got the same guitar with different appointments and it sounds so thin and lifeless.
The kid is, once again, very cool. However, check out the 8 year old playing with Buddy Guy on stage! Totally off the charts.
BB in SC