A Letter Never Sent (Original - Shuffle Blues Rock)


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Thematically, this shuffle blues rock song is a kind of road movie and mental cinema at the same time; and this time it really didn't fall into my lap.

Irrespective of this, playing the slide guitar hasn't let go of me here either. In my opinion, it creates a special atmosphere that can also serve as a guide during development.

The slide intro is recorded with a modified Line 6 James Tyler Variax JTV69 guitar, in a resonator modeling mode. Years ago I replaced the original neck with a Warmoth Roasted Maple neck and stainless steel frets.

The two guitar solos (YT video: from 2:10 min. and from 3:06 min.) are also recorded with this old Workhores guitar (from 2011) from earlier live band times. Both solos are recorded with the neck pickup (Kinman Av69 - as a replacement for the original pickup). And a single coil neck pickup is a special and high-pitched sound that I think is great for crunch solos. And this typical Strat sound also influences my playing style.

The interlude slide guitar riff and one of the rhythm guitar tracks were recorded on a Sire Larry Carlton L7.

I recorded all instruments and vocals myself.

I would be happy if you like it! Please let me know what you think about it by writing me a comment. With love and passion for music - all the best Wolbai :)