YouTube/Spotify copyright algorithms will be the end of original music.

Just idle curiosity, in this case does being blocked due to copyright basically mean DMCA? Has anyone here gone through the process for filing a counter-claim with Youtube or had a lawyer do it on their behalf?

My limited experience with lawyers and Faceless Corporations is that they either have in-house representation or they buy hours in bulk, like a "use it or lose it" thing. So the cost for them making threats is basically zero beyond what they're already spending.

I've had some success in other circumstances basically paying the consultation, and ultimately one billable hour for a lawyer to send a "no, yuo" letter to get them to back off. Generally when a Faceless Corporation is dealing with a lawyer and one of us lesser mortals, the lawyer wins. When two lawyers are involved it (presumably, for the DMCA) becomes a case of "video should go back up, claimant can litigate or GTFO". And if you're in a locale where you can recover legal fees they tend to be less bullish. Anyone gone through the process with Youtube (and/or with their own council) sanity check that?
Not even Rick Beato will slugit out. For starters, he's just got a bigger name, but he is deathly afraid of losing his income stream. He'd much rather pull strings and get friends to go to bat than actually fight the machine.

But the biggest problem with fighting is there doesn't appear to be any identifiable target against which to strike. It's all bots and arbitration clauses.
luckily nobody ever tried claiming any of my music, but then again I'm on SoundCloud not youtube. so maybe its different #rules there. i dunno. I would definitely do anything I could to take that claim to the supreme court, tho, no lie. I'll go into debt over it to make my point. the bar for copyright claims is so low it's hiding in satan's wine cellar. the process for fighting it needs to change bt (short of Big Time)
I once uploaded an old bird song identification LP, (don't ask) that got a copyright match.

Not to the actually LP of course.
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