1 piece bodies vs 2 peice bodies vs 3 peice bodies


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one of my buddys if offering me a 3 peice flat les paul shape body....... is there and disadvantages of a 3 peice body compared to a two piece other then apperance?  and do you guys think its a good deal for $100 bucks , if i buy i will be buying a warmoth  neck to mate it with

I asked a similar question a while ago, and the feedback I got was that a 3 piece body does not affect the tone, sustain, stability, etc.. some people just prefer 1 piece bodies for the looks.
one of the Warmoth reps also told me that some prefer a 3 piece over a 2 piece, because the 3 piece has the bridge, pickups and neck all attached to the same piece of wood.. not sure if it really matters though.

on the LP Flattop.. is it a warmoth or are you at least sure it will fit a warmoth neck? if not, I would just keep an eye on the closeout deals to see if something comes by for a little more.. 
the lp flat top is not  a warmoth but i made sure that it hade a strat neck pocket........i think im probalbly going to buy it a get a  maple/ebony neck for it..............is ebony better or worse sounding the rosewood?.....i play everything form pink floyd to like pop punk


if you're going for a brighter tone go for ebony
if you want a warmer tone go for rosewood, but i say go for the middle ground and go with wenge on maple. that would give you more of a full range sound with three distinct tone woods. instead of two warms (mahogany and rose) and a bright or two brights (ebony and maple) and a warm.

food for thought.