Yummy Cocobolo.... pics

Vol. Knob

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I've got these ready to load into a thinline I'm finishing.  Reed James Custom Vintage wound P-90s with both Alnico II and V in each.  I'm just itching to wire these things up, but the guitar has a bunch of work that needs to happen first. 

The Cocobolo covers are not laminate or ply, they're carved from solid Cocobolo.   


NonsenseTele said:
Looks damn cool! How thick is that, 2mm??

I've not measured them.  But I'm fairly sure they're thicker than that.  I'll see if I can measure them when I get home from work.

Max said:
Are those finished?

This set being Cocobolo, I don't know if they need finishing.  I know he buffs them, but I don't know if he puts anything on them.  I have a set of Cocobolo Woodbuckers, Pistacio Telewoodies, and a spare set of P-90 covers in Indian Rosewood, I don't think any have any finish on them, I can ask him next time I talk to him.  I will be buying more...  I need to do a strat next...  Or do something with the rosewood covers...