Your opinions please! What hardtail bridge looks best on this guitar (pics)


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Hey guys,

Finally got around to photoshopping all 3 options for my new Korina Soloist Nuno-Caster.

What bridge do you guys think looks RIGHT for this guitar?

The Fender American Standard Hardtail - simple, understated, but it's brushed.

The Gotoh - very nice, but has the screws in all corners of the bridge

The Hipshot - Elegant looking, probably the best built bridge, but very curvy... not sure if I can handle the looks.

Your opinions please:

I like the hipshot because it matches the curve of the headstock.  Well kinda.  That and it's pretty cool looking.
Hmm, never even considered a recessed TOM.  That might be a good option as well.

And good point too, the curvyness of the Hipshot does match the headstock and tuners.

Man, I wish Warmoth just had a ready-made Gotoh bridge route. I'm gonna have to do it the old fashioned way if I decide on that one.
hipshot. I love the looks of a hipshot. for some sort of a reason, I can't stand having the look of the saddles being 'naked' (not 'embedded' in a metal piece, like hipshot) compare the hipshot with the gotoh, if my words aren't clear enough :p

but I'd love to see a recessed ToM instead. thats just theee shiteee on a fender-style geeter when you have a fixed bridge.
RockStarNick said:
Haha, the locking nut is on there because of my photoshop laziness!  sorry...   :toothy11:

it could work though if you use it with one of those schaller fine tuning bridges.

could look nice, I have actually never seen one of those on a finished guitar.

Speaking of unusual bridges, I have seen de baby grand (hipshot?) on a couple of guitars, and that almost always looks crap!
Super Turbo Deluxe Custom said:
I like the Gotoh hardtail.  Before the photoshopping, was that the Washburn Nuno N4?


Yes sir it was!  I'm going to call mine the NP4 (Nick Pierro 4) hahaha.

I've always loved the basic idea of the nuno, but not a huge fan of the body shape, nor the Floyd.  I DO love the headstock, however. I can't wait to make my Soloist-N4.