Ya know, I like butt plugs!


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Very handy for holding the neck! 

I've got some dowel here - maple dowel... strong... that fits the hole in the neck "perfecto".

I can hold the neck perfectly and spray... and... just put the dowel in a holder I've made, for it to dry.

Then... cut a bit of dowel and stain it... just set it in the hole, no glue... to hide the hole (which appears is going to be visible due to the angled neck pocket).

I knew butt plugs had their purpose!~
you kinky bastard you.  :toothy12:

at least have the decency to take the neck to dinner and a movie first.
I don't know, won't that maple butt plug spoil the tone of the mahogany neck and make it a lot brighter?
its only bout 5/8 inch long or so

here ya go

sure are a lot of sanding scuff marks on that heel - did it come that way from the factory?

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Sho'nuff did.

I could give a rats rosette about it.  Its all going to be hidden anyway.
SkuttleFunk said:
sure are a lot of sanding scuff marks on that heel - did it come that way from the factory?

all the best,


This is a great forum, and everyone here are great people, and since there are many of us who chime in on many subjects, it's inevitable that the big subjects will be covered and looking for new threads we will start to pick apart the quality, and nit pick Warmoth.

I hope that if we go down that path, warmoth ignores 99% of it. Some things are legit, but if warmoth is gonna address sanding marks on the butt, I mean heel of a neck, they will have to raise their prices.

I wanna go the other way, I wish they had a blem page, to buy crap for cheap ( knowing that "warmoth crap" would still be better than most
Alfang said:
[ ( knowing that "warmoth crap" would still be better than most

i agree, i saw and ebony j bass neck with some heel damage that sold for about 40$ less than the other two.
and i couldn't find there repair until i saw the pic pointing it out. it was top notch 

some one beat me to it.
Hey, its my neck, and I'm not complaining.  I think someplace they say "sanded to 220 grit" and thats what it looks like.  Take it finer, yup.  Worry bout it, nope.  Grain filled, and stained and spruced up and ready for nitro... it is.  Its wood.  I expect it to be like wood, and to be treated like wood and respond like wood.  W has no problems with that.

The little dipsy doodles in the body.. those I cant figure out... but... its corrected.... zero issue.  Again, its WOOD... jeeze.   

I have no issues with W's QC.  I did have minor questions... but so minor  even if unanswered (and they were answered well), I'd have no issues. 

Don't worry, if they screw up, I'll let THEM know, and let THEM respond to it properly. 

BTW, the nut looks really nice.  Sure, its playable as is, and some final tweakage will make it woohoo!  I dont think I'd fit a Gibson nut that way, but on a Fender style neck, it works, and is the way Fender fits them (from the looks of it at least).