Wood rear covers and pickguards


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This was mentioned in another thread, but really... it would be thread drift there, and deserves its own discussion.

Maybe not the top, but high on my list of "I wish Warmoth could....." is nice wooden pickguards and back covers.

I know there are some problems associated with those, not the least of which is warping.  I've seen other back covers done in maple, mahogany, rosewood and ebony.  I've seen pickguards done that were a little warpy too, not terribly so though.  I'm wondering if a really thin veneer would laminate to something less prone to warping, either the same material (or different cheaper wood) crossgrain to the face material, or even a plastic/vinyl base layer.

The look would be significantly cool, imho.... and anyone who wonders should look at the back of a Gibson L5s.  A huge maple cover there (nearly as big as Warmoths....).