Wood rear backplates now available !


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As you may have seen from my past builds I like making wood control backplates and truss rod covers.
When it comes to backplates the process using a router and template can be way too time consuming and as a result I only made backplates for my own guitars.

Until now...

I'm happy to report that I started playing with my mini CNC the past week-end and made a few PRS and Warmoth backplates that turned out great; well enough that I'm open to making backplates for whoever want some.
It's still time consuming but at least I can just watch the machine doing its thing for the most part.

Prototype #1 made of actually nice (not green streaks) poplar, worked perfectly the first time around:


I made an ash one as well.

This version could run into clearance issues with particularly tall push-pull pots, but I could just make a thin flat one or add a cut out like I did for the switch.

PM me if interested

Whoa, that is super cool. I'm undecided about what to do about the backplate. I was thinking about looking at some of the different sheets of pickguard material and finding one that would look cool, but those caps look really nice. It would have to be walnut though, since that is what the body will be made of.
That backplate looks great.  What CNC are you using?  Do you think you'd be capable of carving your own bodies or necks with it?