Wonder why out of 220 tele necks on the showcase...

Bill in SC

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only 10 are of exotic woods, and not much variety to choose from. Many are walnut that requires finishing. I'm sold on exotic woods that need NO finish, and it would be very nice to see MORE exotic wood tele necks on the showcase. Anyone else notice this? Of course the solution would be a tele body routed for a strat neck where there are MANY exotic necks, but that should be an option not dictated by lack of exotics in the tele showcase. Just MHO.
BB in SC
As long as it's a 22 fret neck it will go on a Tele, overhang will cover gap, will fit/work fine....
I think maple is so much easier to get and it is a tradional Tele neck wood. Myself I prefer exotic woods.
The showcase is primarily for faster selling lines and I guess most tele buyers want to stick to the traditional maple. I'm a lefty so finding something for myself is murder but I custom order and I have never been disappointed. An unfinished neck doesn't take a very long time to make and ship, even to Australia.
The showcase is primarily for faster selling lines and I guess most tele buyers want to stick to the traditional maple


We still and try and do our best to get a variety in the Showcase but we're still growing it. When I started at Warmoth, there were about 400 pieces total available in there; that's counting bodies and necks. We've come a long way since then for sure.
Besides chances are pieces in the show case will cost the same as custom order with the same option. Deals do come up but rarely and often the wrong spec. For me when paying 50-60 dollars on shipping for either a body or a neck there is little to mess up. Unless its like 5A flame strat/tele neck for 100 regardless of other option... but that never happens these days. In fact for me it really pays to get an exotic wood part because that will even out the expensive shipping...
Have to agree on the tele neck ... namely that for most telecaster players, it screams out for a maple / maple neck.  Not saying it can't be something else, but there is something that just seems right about it.  I say this not to disparage other neck configurations, in fact one of mine is maple / pau, the maple just looks nice.  Most tele people, if the get a little something extra, they'll get the maple flamed.