Wider strings trees available for super wide neck?


i got a Warmoth super wide neck with staggered Graph Tech Ratio tuners on the head stock, but stil need a string tree for the B and e strings, because the e string vibrates in the nut.

The string spacing at the nut of the super wide neck is 8.3 mm.

I wanted to install Graph Tech string trees but they got a max string spacing of 7.4 mm. Resulting in squeezed together b and e strings, extra friction and bad look.

Are there any good wider string trees available?

Never had a problem with hipshot staggered tuners.  Maybe use a butterfly string tree and bend it wider ... Can you recut new notches in the tusq?
rick2 said:
Maybe use a butterfly string tree and bend it wider ... Can you recut new notches in the tusq?

I don't want to recut the tusq, because I choosed the super wide neck for the wide string spacing.

A wider bend butterfly string tree might be an option, but they are known for friction. That isn't ideal, because it's for a Stratocaster with tremolo and I use it alot.

Could the smallest e-bass string trees fit for my needs?
Maybe a reverend triple tree would work for you.

I've reconsidered that with staggered Hipshot tuners you don't have any problems with the high e string.

Graph Tech also states that their staggered ratio tuners don't require string trees.

But my high e string sounds dull. Therefore I tried to carefully sand the e string notch with 2000 grid sandpaper and put a new e string from another brand on the guitar.

And that made a difference. I'm not 100% sure, but this might have fixed the issue - will see how it plays the next days.

Thank you for your help!
That reverend string tree looked interesting.  Would've like to see how it turns out.
Anyway ... glad it worked out for you.  :rock-on: