White Korina Body?


Hey guys.  I'm looking to build my first guitar, probably slowly over the course of the year.  I'm excited about it.  And Warmoth seems to have all the parts I want, save pickups, which is great.  However, they don't offer a White Korina body, only Black.  If I'm not mistaken, both are from the same tree, so the tone isn't going to be different, but I really prefer the look of the white. 

I'm new to Warmoth...does their stock of body wood change; might they offer white Korina in say a few months?

Thanks a bunch.
One of them is the heartwood the other is not, iirc - they could sound very different and be very different in weight, even if they are from the same exact tree. Call and see if they have white korina for bodies, you see necks of white korina sometimes. Sometimes they have stuff they don't show on the website. Also don't forget about good old mahogany.
Thanks tfarny, I'll give 'em a call sometime.

And there's nothing wrong with black korina, I think it looks really nice too.  But I'm shooting to make a reverse iceman like Paul Gilbert's, and it has a Korina body, and it looks like white korina, so I'd rather that.
and when you say, your going to build "your first guitar", do you mean that you have never had a guitar, or that this is your first guitar build?
There was a white korina VIP in the showcase recently. IIRC, white korina is classified as korina/limba with less than 10% dark wood. If you look through the showcase you cansee vastly varying weights for black korina bodies. I think it just depends on the chunk your body is cut from.
I've got a black koria strat and just bought a white korina blank (not from Warmoth) for £40 - i.e. last year ~$80, this year ~$5. It's heavy!
about a year ago i managed to snag a white korina on white korina les paul body showcase piece. i haven't seen any others in recent months but i am sure it will pop up again sometime soon, although when i bought it, warmoth advertised it as rare... dunno about that...