First build Tele body + Hombre neck


My first build parts arrived today. I set out wanting something that was going to be somewhat unique and I liked the idea of pairing a Gibson neck with a Telecaster body (though I know purists will scoff at this...). I also wanted humbucker routes and controls. By the time I finished speccing it out, I realized I had more or less come up with a Troublemaker Telecaster but that was ok with me because I like the look of those and they are a little expensive even used.

The basics
Body: mahogany body with no laminated top, spectra blue paint with satin finish, white binding and transparent for the sides and back (Warmoth did this for an extra fee but I love the way it looks)
Neck: hombre style neck, mahogany/Indian rosewood, white binding and satin finish

To do
Add Hipshot bridge. Add chrome Hipshot 6glo tuners. Have Fralin P-92 pickups on order. I have white knobs I'll be adding for volume/tone. Add a white Telecaster Cabronita-style pickguard.


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Very cool! I have a 2 humbucker Tele / Hombre neck build going on right now, as well. Also with a Hipshot bridge. Rear route standard Tele controls with an upper hole for a kill switch. I have everything decided on at this point except the pickups. I'm leaning towards Lollartrons. Can't wait to see your finished product :cool: !