which polyurethane spray to buy in the UK ?


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quite a lot of products that people use here on this forum are only available in the USA.
i ordered an unfinished body and neck from warmoth and i`m gonna have to buy some brown stain, clear grain filler, sealer and polyurethane spray ( for a gloss clear finish).
which ones do you guys suggest me be to buy that are easy to find in the UK?
i`m mainly interested in the poly spray can.

thanks a lot in advance.

Good luck dude.

I've never finished stuff myself, just because I am not patient and I will fudge it up so I always get W to finish.

Some one else may be able to help.
i can`t believe tha no members of this forum who live in the uk has never bought a polyurethane spray can... :help:

There's about 6 Brits on the forum that I know of and none have done such finishes from memory.
Ted said:
There's about 6 Brits on the forum that I know of and none have done such finishes from memory.

That includes me - pity me sat in Saudi Arabia - you think "you" have no choice?

All the same I'd love to be able to have answer to some of these sort of questions myself. Would it be worth approaching a local builder and asking them what they use? Answers on the back of a postage stamp please...
i think,  i eventually found something.


it should be what i need...

i know thank you,
i even bought googles...

i have everything i need to finish my guitar,
well, except the guitar from warmoth.

4 more weeks to wait

As a UK Warmoth builder I can confirm that many of the finishing products available in the US are not easy to find in the UK. I have not been able to find a decent Danish Oil or Tung Oil in any local store. Ordering off the internet from a specialist supplier is often the only way to get stuff. As guns are highly restricted in the UK, Birchwood Casey Tru-Oil is hard to get and has to be specially ordered.

I often see "wipe on poly" mentioned in finishing posts - I have not been able to find any supplier in the UK who even knows what this is - let alone able to supply it.