DIY Paint-Ready option for guitar body with the intent to stain/waterbased wipe-on poly - will that work?


I noticed the DIY Paint-Ready option for guitar bodies, but does anybody know if that option will seal the wood preventing a stain to work? I assume the DIY option is a grain fill/sealer?

My intent is to add ColorTone stain to water-based, Wipe-On poly for the finish (from StewMac), so the stain isn't going directly on the wood, but as a color coat for the first 3-4 coats. Then 10 or so clear coats of the poly.

Is there anything in the DIY sealer that would prevent a good bond for waterbased wipe-on poly? Thanks for the help!
Did you call warmoth, what did they say? I've only stained raw Bodies or necks that are dipped in that stuff they use for shipping. Never a problem. Have not tried the paint ready option. I'm guessing it's intended for paint ... not stain. Warmoth could tell you for sure.
Thank you, I've finished a couple raw Warmoth ash guitar bodies with the tinted poly before – and it worked well – but those were with me having to grain fill it first. I'm hoping to avoid that part. I'll see what customer service has to say, but thought I'd see if others have tried this option.
Could a top finish be water-based, wipe-on poly? If so, does adding a tint to the clear poly just not cover well with the sealer on already?
you can have the wood natural and tint the poly ending up with a transparent finish...
Tinted poly I would expect to work. The coverage will depend on the poly and how much tinting there is and whatever the underlying grain pattern is and what you are expecting it to look like.

Note in the above sentence I have avoided "it will" etc as there are too many variables.