What's the best way to wire up a Jaguar?


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Lots of variations out there. I assume there are even better options than the ones described in these links. Anyone figure out the optimal wiring scheme? (FWIW I'm thinking about building a HH version so would want ability to split, etc.)
If you haven’t done so already, look up Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar. There is an article all about it. There is an option to make the upper switch default to the bridge pickup instead of the neck. There is an option to convert the upper switch to a kill switch. Nash Guitars wires the upper switch to be just like the lead circuit but with a slightly darker tone and when it is engaged the bottom switches still stay in the circuit.
In this situation it's to each his own, while not for a jaguar, my favorite switching for a dual humbucker guitar is:
4)B+N series in phase
5)B+N out of phase series
6)B+N parallel out of phase

And if I can't get to 5 or 6, then the first 4 do me just fine.
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That’s good info. I would love a Jaguar sized humbucker pickup. Time to search!
sources to start with for plans are seymour duncan, Freeway and dimarzio