What kind of strings do you prefer?

What kind (not gauge) of strings do you prefer?

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And as a companion to the other poll... what kind of strings.  You can add a brand in your reply
I actually use 2 different types Dean Markley Blue Steel's (all purpose) and DR Hi Beams (for way de-tuned stuff)
I have incredibly acidic hands, I can literally rot a set of Ernie Ball Slinkys off a guitar in two hours. Just ask my best friend, he hates to see me even get near any of his guitars. The only thing I have found that lasts a good while are the Kendrick Nickel strings.

For the acoustics, it's D'Addario, which might last about a week if I'm lucky.
I've been using Ernie Ball Super Slinky (9-42) strings lately. I was using the Regular Slinkys for a while but I like the 9s better for bending. I'd like to try the pure nickel strings EB puts out though.
anyone who likes the feel of clean strings should try Dean Markley Blue Steel's.  They are always clean and smooth, feels like a new set for at least 3 weeks.  sounds great on top of all of that.  not a trade off in any way...
Ernie Ball nickel wounds for my electric
I use Martin & Co for my acoustic.

Skinny top Heavy Bottom is my favorite set.

I'll be making a  Baritone Warmoth and I'll use a set of 'not even slinkys' for that, tune down to B.
Ya know... Ernie Ball and D'Addario dont make any nickel wrap strings... only nickel plated.
Fender 150 XL for this guy (.009, .011, .015, .024, .032, .040).  Not exactly like the standard set of 9s!
-CB- said:
Ya know... Ernie Ball and D'Addario dont make any nickel wrap strings... only nickel plated.

the package of D'Addario strings I hold in my hand says  "Nickle wound" If thats different than nickle wrap i dont know, I assume both terms mean the same thing.

So I am gonna choose to believe the package the strings came in      anyway, who cares
Who cares depends on the fretwear and tone you want.

If you go over to www.stringitup.com there are full explanation of all the string types.

Lots of folks say "nickel wound" but its really nickel plated steel.  The EB strings say pure nickel and must be, and must be something I missed (or is new).  I know DR does some nickel strings, and Fender, Gibson, and a very few others.  Fender and Gibson make no strings, but have them made and packaged.  Darco is a maker (a large one at that... just not for themselves) as is d'Addario.
I love DR's...  My schecter's got a set of 12-54 Dean Markley's on it (tuned to Open C)  I usually go with Dean Markley's because in my neck of the woods, DR's are a special order...