What’s the word… Thunderbird

Hello Warmothers

(That doesn’t look right  :tard: hahaha)

I have been Gassing for a Thunderbird bass for a while now and I’m almost to the point where I think building one using Warmoth parts would be the best solution. My biggest hurdle is that nagging feeling I get wondering if the end result is going to sound anything like a Gibson Thunderbird.

I guess if I want the sound of a Gibson Thunderbird there is one sure fire way to get it…

Does anyone have both?

Can a bolt on neck Warmoth style T-bird sound like the neck through Gibson model?

Thanks in advance for your help, this board rocks  :guitarplayer2: !
Sir SchmoopY said:
if you get a rosewood neck and a mahogany body it would be pretty darn close

I concur! Bolt ons and set necks don't really have that much of a sonic difference, It's mostly about the sustain...
(Of course this just is my opinion from playing 34624562908741-074509287 guitars)
I'd say your best best is get mahogany with mahongany and either an ebony or rosewwod fretboard and match the gibson pickups.

glue on necks look pretty and that's about it.
argument is glue on acts as one solid piece and give better transfer to body, yada yada.....

i think steal and wood are better at transferring energy than using glue as a buffer.

ED ROMAN AGREES he he.... :laughing7: :laughing7:

but seriously there is no difference in sound, that's just the "tone" freaks letting there imagination run wild again.

i don't know about the bass's but i think some thunderbird guitars had neck through construction.. that will have an impact as the neck wood will have a structural impact on the body. plus a lot more of that tone sucking glue involved :laughing7:
Go with all mahogany body/neck & rosewood or ebony fretboard, don't worry about the set neck vs. bolt neck....

The other major piece to make the tone would be the pickups, curiously it doesn't look like Gibson sells their bass pickups aftermarket like they do guitar pickups, maybe one of the more serious bass builders on the board can suggest a reasonable facsimile for the TB Plus ceramics that come on the Gibson Firebirds?