weathered grey dye

nathan a

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I am instantly in love with this new finish.


I've got an email out to the boys asking if I can custom order a body like this. If so, my dad's future P-90 LP is about to come alive. If this isn't available for custom orders, let's all make a lot of noise and maybe it'll become a standard option (assuming y'all like it. Thoughts?)
Well I like it and I'm damn sure your Dad will like it.  :icon_thumright:

Just in case he doesn't, make it a lefty! :glasses10: :glasses10: :glasses10:
I agree, it looks great.  Tough to say whether I like that or black dye better!
Yes, that finish can be had for $250. I would encourage a AAA grade or higher top upgrade though to insure it comes out looking its best.
looks like this finish only better

the pic sucks, i own one but the top isn't nearly as nice as that warmoth
I actually prefer the Ibanez finish as the natural wood color (tan/blonde) seems to have been bleached before the dying process. But the Warmoth pic above is certainly more 'organic' looking and just as cool.