Make sure you're not on something when you look at this

RLW said:
Hmmm, 3 black P90's.



Gold or Black Hardware??? Can't decide... I was thinking in shred, Floyd, single H... Help me Rich, buy before me  :laughing7:
NonsenseTele said:
Very rough drawn on Paint Brush... the body with a Bocote neck...
It's almost US$1500 just on woods, BUUUUUUT...  :eek:

that makes me feel sick :tard:
both - all those wavy lines look like spew to me, and I can't see spending that much on something that going to make me nauseated when i look at it :laughing7:
that thing almost looks like a brown shell pickguard.....

Definately black each their own on what kind of bridge though....let the buyer be proud!