Wasn't sure about the next project....


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...after I finish the '54 Goldtop Tele I just started, but apparently no one was monitoring eBay tonight and I picked up this Warmoth AAAAA Quilt Top rear route Strat Hardtail for about half of what it would run for these days... I LOVE a bargain...



That top is gorgeous!  Quite a find with that top on a rear routed hard tail strat.  Gonna  be nice!
jack, you pump out guitars like a catholic pumps out babies.  :binkybaby:
Nice!  So what's the plan with this one?  Gloss black???
"Hey, I was watching that!!! No Fair!"

Should have bid, went cheap, quilt maple is through the roof and if that body went on the Showcase today it would go around $450 bare... Can't afford NOT to buy and stash it a while for about 1/2 price....

"Nice!  So what's the plan with this one?  Gloss black???"

Yeah, right.... Not sure, except that I've been dying to try a Rio Grande Dirty Harry pickup set and that's what will go in those routes. As it's turned off cold here it's going to take a while to finish the Goldtop, so I have a while to study on it; want to do something real different on the finish job, have no clue yet, that will determine what neck I wind up using....
Jeeeebs there Mr Hack, I hope you're not as prolific with kids!~

Nice top there bucko!~
"Jeeeebs there Mr Hack, I hope you're not as prolific with kids!~"

I'm sure I never sired any, they would have long since shown up wanting money...

"I'm thinking that would make a great blue burst."

That might work, but would have to use an all lighter colored neck, haven't done a goncola alves yet...
Wow he hasn't done anything yet and we're on page two already.

Do you have plans yet?  I agree with whoever said blue burst,  Might be a pain in the arse, but would look good, or green burst. or paint it stove pipe black.
Black on that quilt top? YOU be crazy! Concentrating on Goldtop, sand back & 2nd filler coat today, the grain pores in that neck are so deep/long I'll be the filling the grain on that puppy for at least a week. Prolly a burst of some color, have a long way to go before I get there....
dark honey sunburst.


wow that took two tries.

that is my favorite color that music man uses, they pull it off the best, it even looks better than warmoth's.
Now I don't know what's going on with this one; paid for it within about 30 seconds of winning the eBay auction, but still haven't received it yet... Dingbat woman who sold it responded and said she'd ship and send tracking info the next day, but never did and was slow to respond, last deal was that she shipped USPS WITHOUT tracking/insurance, claims I MUST have received it, but NOT...

Will give this till the 7th to get her before I go to PayPal to get my money back and trash her rating... The VIP I picked up from CANADA a week later got here last week...

I'd rather have the body than the money back...