Warmoth LP pickup rings...


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hi folks,

silly question but pls bear with me.

i bought a warmoth LP (arriving this week) and am now hunting for pickup rings. for the pickup rings, will a flat bottom one fit the warmoth LP? or shld i be looking out for an arched bottom to fit? was wondering if a flat bottom pickup ring might fit. my local guitar shops are out of stock for arched ones at the moment. thanks!
alrighty. thanks for the reply! shucks, was hoping i could get one of em' nice ones from pickuprings.com. hehe. ah vell, perhaps with my next build...! :)
hi db,

ok i admit i didn't think abt that!! *embarrassed*

another noob question tho, how does one accurately sand it down to fit the curvature of the top? my apologies, i am not quite handy with these things apart from the 3 years i did wood workshop classes when i was 15...heh.
I like to make a template out of a square of cardboard so it looks like a radius gauge.  I mark out and match the contour of all four sides of the cardboard square to represent each side of the mounting ring (some solder still on the roll can help get you started on the contour of the template).  Transfer each curve to the rings and sand down near the line with a dremel and finish up freehand. Remember to err on the high side, keep the ring level with the strings, and check the fit often.
arch rings are all over the net.... you can get regular, or historic size too, in creme or black, or ... metal flavors

gibson brand rings are "slightly" arched, and work ok on arch or flat body guitars - bending to conform to the top
thanks for all the replies folks. found an easier way on the net. basically just place sandpaper on top of the body and tape it down. then place the rings on top and sand it down to fit the curvature. hope it works!
That's a good idea!  I'll use it if I ever do an archtop.  :icon_thumright: