Warmoth G5 Korina ARF


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...ARF means "Almost Ready to Fly" in R/C airplane jargon.  Anyhoo, here's my bass, almost ready to fly:
(Specs at the end of the post)

(All pics moved to Completed Projects thread http://www.unofficialwarmoth.com/index.php?topic=2678.0)

Warmoth G5 Korina
Wenge neck (the subject of my Tung Oil thread earlier)
Ziricote lined fretless
Abalone dots
Bartolini pups
Audere Z 3 band preamp
Copper foil lined cavities
Threaded inserts in control cavity
Pat Wilkins Antique Burst finish

The board is probably about to get the Jaco-epoxy treatment, but we'll see.  The Ziricote doesn't stand up to roundwounds well at all, even coated nickel.  (I've not tried the Nanowebs, but dead nickel DRs were scratching it up within ten minutes)

For you Warmoth employees, my hats off to you, especially for that GORGEOUS Ziricote board!!!!

J. Ben Davis
Wow! Very impressive!

Is the finish by Pat Wilkins or is that just what it's called? I am not familiar with basses at all. I really like the finish. It's juuuuusst right!

Thanks for the compliments, RLW and TT.

To answer the question about the finish, Pat Wilkins did the paint job on that.  He makes some top-shelf instruments and did a fantastic job on this body.  Here's his website: http://www.wilkinsguitars.com/

I'm really just a "contractor" on this bass, although I did the assembly, electronics wiring and Tung Oiled the neck.  I usually do my own finishes with Reranch or Tru-Oil, but on this one I wanted something that was more durable than nitro.  The Jazz was a Warmoth Reranch job I did a while back.

BTW: that little whit-ish dot between the pickups and the knobs is a small blue LED that indicates the battery level, in case you were wondering.


I'd recommend those elixer strings.  A friend told me about them a while back (several years now that I think about it) when I asked how often he refinished the fretboard on his bass.  I haven't had to redo it since.  The only problem I have heard of with them is some people are weirded out about the feel.  I got over that fast when I didn't have to dress the neck.  Nice bass.
Patrick from Davis

Thanks, for the advice, Patrick.  I will give them a shot.  I have tried them on fretted basses before and they are a little strange-feeling but they last forever and sound good, so I stuck with them for a while.

>>Please, if you can, record something with this 

Thanks-- I will!

Yow, those outdoor pictures really show off that fine piece o' wood.  That flaming on the back is nuts!

I've put a couple of sound files together as requested:




Not my greatest work on bass-- just noodling around, but it shows a nice variety of usable tones.  I'm not even switching through all the various preamp settings that it has.  I think the rear pickup clip has a nice Jaco-esque sound.

I've moved all the photos to the completed thread and they are updated with strings on the beast, which makes it look a lot nicer, IMO.

Also, I am using the Elixer strings and they don't seem to be scratching the board at all that I can see.  Thanks to Patrick and all those that have posted that little tidbit!