Want Ideas For The Dragon Burst


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I'd like to do an LP Carved Top with the Dragon Burst finish.

Has anybody here done a Dragon Burst.  I don't think I've ever seen a completed guitar with that yellow / green color combination.  So I'd like to read / see ideas for hardware colors.

If anybody has used that finish and wants to show off their work, I'd love to see pictures and get ideas.  Or just post your thoughts on what might work.

I've definately seen a Warmoth Dragon burst Les Paul on here. Check out the Les Paul section. Theres a youtube vid somewhere as well which basically shows that Warmoth sounds miles better than a stock guitar.

As if we needed to know that  :icon_biggrin:
A while ago, this guy posted his YouTube videos of a Dragonburst LP.  Here is the first one:


It's on this board somewhere else, but I thought "what the heck!"

Very cool.  Thanks. 

Coincidently, I was thinking of maybe doing a korina body, too.  I thought maybe a maple top with a korina back for 2 reasons:  First, the usual mahogany back doesn’t allow many options as far as finish.  I’d pretty much be limited to transparent red or brown or a solid color.  I thought a vintage tint korina might look cool behind a dragon burst maple top.  Secondly, korina is said to sound like mahogany but with added mids.  More mids is usually a good thing when trying to get a cutting, clear distortion sound, I think.

But I also thought I might like a maple neck as I like their stability and how they feel better.  So I don’t know if all that would add up to a guitar that’s too bright. 

I think I’d like something a little brighter than all mahogany.  But I don’t want to over-shoot.

I like how your dragon burst looks on the korina.
I've heard from someone on here.. I think it might've been -CB- but i'm not sure.

He actually swapped parts of his guitar around a bunch and found out that with all the same electronics, the biggest impact on the sound first came from the neck.

My neck is mahogany so i dont know if my guitar wound sound different with a korina neck or what...

I love my EVO. but I seem to notice how muddy it sounds compared to the korina more and more and I like playing it less..  which is a shame.  So I restrung it with the Ernie ball "not even slinky's" and tuned it down to drop B for something different.

Korina seems to be one of the most popular Tonewoods on the board. my next warmoth build will be korina. It'll be a jazzmaster with a maple neck.

The other thing you've got to think about is whether or not you want it chambered.
Also Korina is lighter than mahogany and with a chambered body it's lighter still..  I love that my LP doesn't hurt my shoulder after prolonged periods of wearing it.  Its almost as light as my strat and its kind of neck heavy even. not so much its a problem, but there you go.

Hope its helpful.
Is your EVO a 24.75" scale or a 25.5"?  If the Warmoth is a 25.5" and the EVO is a 24.75", that could also be where a big part of the difference is coming from.

That's one of the main reasons I'm considering a Warmoth Les Paul--To get the Les Paul body with a 25.5" neck.  I find the Gibson 24.75" scale sounds sloppy--especially if I tune down even just a little.  The 25.5" has more 'ping' and clarity.

I'm digging the look of your Warmoth more and more.  At first, it looked 'wrong' because the yellow area seemed too brown over the korina.  But as I get used to it, it has a really nice earthy look to it.
Well like I said in the video you really can't see the finish very well on the camera.

i was debating using korina for a top or maple.  I wanted maple because I wanted the 3D look that comes with the dye.  But I wanted Korina because I wanted the black streaking.  Looking in the Paint section on the warmoth website they've got a strat body with a maple top shown for the dragonburst and I really didn't like the way it looked.

When i opened the box i was blown away.  The pictures on the website don't even really show the effect you have looking at this thing.  Its not quilt maple but there is still this hypnotizing 3d effect. Its like the wood itself under the laquer is still alive.  and especially when you see it out int he sunlight it just shimmers and sparkles underneath.

The Korina almost looks like pressure treated lumber..  at least on my guitar it does.  The figuring for Korina has so many different looks depending on where they get it from the tree.  I've seen a couple on showcase that looked like spalted maple they had so much crazy black streaks in it.  And I've also seen some that are just straight white.

I dont think they grade Korina like they do maple. but if you call in i'm sure the guys will help you out picking a figure or even work with you to pick out a specific individual piece of wood.  Of course that costs more money, all I did was ask them to make sure it had black streaking in it like a picture of one i saw ont he showcase that disappeared the day before i was going to buy it.  (who ever you are that lurked that day got a good prize  :sad: :doh:) and it was better than the one I saw in the picture.  and it didn't cost me anything extra.
oh right! scale length.

My dean is actually a 24 7/8 inch scale.. .. I think... or its supposed to be.  I'm not sure i haven't measured.  Some of the EVO's are 24 3/4 and some are 24 7/8.  On my warmoth it is a 25.5 because I'm more used to playing on fenders.  All things told the EVO is easier to play.  The feel better than a les paul and off the shelf Id pick one over a gibby any day, and its the same with the warmoth. and its compounded by the fact that the scale length is longer, I've never played a les paul with a fender scale length (cause nobody really makes them right?) before this one.  But it does make you feel more like you're playing individual notes higher on the fret board rather than mashing your fingers against it and hoping you're playing fast enough that nobody can hear its wrong.  I like the tension that the longer scale length gives.  When I make my Jazzmaster I"m going to use the 25.5 inch length too,  (certainly not the squat length that the real ones were made to)

You're right, it does effect the sound.  the less tension the less sustain and the less articulation.

Its harder to play...  but.. its what I wanted so it doesn't bother me one bit.