Jungle Burst - what colors for hardware, plastics, binding, etc.?


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I’ve been dreaming of a Jungle Burst Regal with matching neck for a few years now. Obviously it’s a huge commitment compared to a Strat type where you can part out the body or neck if it’s not quite working out for you. I definitely want a matching headstock veneer, matching transparent back for the body and neck, and matching binding on the body and neck.

Below is a one recently posted to the instagram for reference.

Hardware: I’m thinking gold in all honesty, but chrome and black are options.
Back color: almost positive I’d want transparent green for the body and neck, no burst over
Binding: Not sure on this one. I don’t really like the black in the photo below, but White, Ivoroid and Cream are options.
Inlays: Probably white blocks if the binding is white and trapezoids if it’s cream or ivoroid.

Probably thinking covered pickups that match the hardware, being black, chrome or gold. Rings could either match the binding or be metal and match the pickups.

So… thoughts and/or suggestions?

(Also, it might be a Floyd… :O )


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I think any hardware color could work but I think I would either go black (the more subtle option) or gold (the finish is already flashy so why not go for maximum bling)
all it needs is a John Deer decal!

I live right across the Mississippi from Moline, IL. The heart of John Deere country. That comment made me laugh, for sure! :D

I really do dig the green colors going on here, though. Kind of reminds me of the "Dime Slime".