W push/pull pot: audio taper or not?


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Ive used several of the Warmoth push/pull pots in a few of my guitars and they don't seem to be audio log taper...i turn down the vol knob and there is little affect untill im down to about 2-3 then they just about cut out.

can the way it's wired up affect the taper?

Warmoth doesnt claim these are audio log taper or indicate what brand they are.

im planing on using them in a half duct tape super overkill setup some time in the distant future, (may have to wait until after collage depending on the coming events)  so i'd like to know also.

my scheme is a hollow swamp ash j bass, wenge ebony neck. jazz pup in the neck to a push/pull vol for on/off, if possible.  MM in the bridge, going to a three way mini toggle for series/parallel single, then to a push/pull vol for out of phase. then all of that going to a 6 way rotary varitone switch.  don't forget the duct tape. this one is close to being set in stone, if i can't make the push/pull an on/off then ill go with a pan knob. and a master vol.

sorry i can't help.  :dontknow: