VIP the next body style to disappear?


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Only six, total, in the showcase right now. Has VIP gone RIP along with the warlock, mockingbird, VW, and who knows what else? Any news from big W?
Nope, it's just taking a breather.  More VIP's to come, rest assured!  :icon_thumright:
That would be a bummer, I really like the VIP body style and was wanting to do one as a build someday.  I'd like to see a Kelly body style also.
I like the VIP too, but a smaller version would be cool, say maybe a 7/8 version....... :dontknow:
i have a smaller version of the vip the old style. the new vip is heavy and rather bulky they stopped making the smaller vip because i think they got sued by prs or were threatened.
It is a little bulky, but then again, I am a bit bulky myself, so it fits well with me  :toothy11: